Super Slim Me: Part Three

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Dawn goes to Venice Beach to see if normal people have just as much of an obsession with size zero as the celebrities in Hollywood.

Dawn is on her second week of eating 500 calories a day in order to get down to a size zero. It’s affecting her mind a little:

“I’m in my own little world that is obsessed with body image. It’s all I can think about. It’s all I can see. I’m really kind of jealous of women who are a bit bigger than me at the moment because I’m thinking, ‘You lucky cow. You just let yourself go. You can have pie and enjoy a nice life.’ And then I see someone who is really skinny and I think, ‘You lucky cow. You’re really skinny.’ So I can’t be normally satisfied either way.”

Restaurants are hard. She has a calorie book with her at all times trying to stay within her 500 calories allotted each day.

“I’m just kind of getting used to the feeling of being hungry all the time. It’s a really weird feeling because usually I’d do whatever I could to prevent feeling hungry. And now I’ve gotten to this stage where I’m kind of proud of myself for feeling hungry.”

She went to see a holistic healer who has worked with Gwenyth Paltrow to get an evaluation. He was quick to tell her that she was obese and needed to take a bag full of supplements:

“I just find it a bit funny how the Olympic medics [Dawn’s medical team], probably the best in the country are quite happy to pass me off as body perfect and then some holistic guy mentions the word obese within twenty minutes. I had EVERY single test you could possibly have on your body at the Olympic place, and then I stood on a pair of scales and he told me I was obese. That’s dangerous. That’s dangerous for people who don’t have the support and who are going in there with a bit of a fluffy head, thinking they are fat.”

Watch next week while Dawn poses as a modeling agency who wants to hire girls. How far will these girls go to get a modeling job?


2 Responses to “Super Slim Me: Part Three”

  1. Samuel Says:

    That can’t be healthy.

    Don’t you go into starvation mode when you eat under like 600/day?

  2. Samuel Says:

    I wouldn’t trust anything “a holistic healer” says.

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