Weight Bias in Healthcare

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Yesterday, we watched the video for Weight Bias at Home and School, but this one is even MORE important. Weight Bias in Healthcare is FAR more dangerous and pervasive. It doesn’t matter what your ailment, if you go into a doctor as an overweight adult, they will ALWAYS blame your weight and make assumptions about your eating habits.

I’m sure doctors watch this video and think that it’s blown out of proportion, but this is EXACTLY the kind of health “care” I received when I was at my highest weight. If you think that you have been discriminated against by any healthcare professional, don’t go back to them. If it’s a nurse or desk staff, mention it to the doctor, but if the doctor shows the same disregard, find a new one. That’s what I did and now it’s MUCH easier going in for a yearly check up.

Via: Rudd Sound Bites: Rudd Center Releases Videos on Weight Bias


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