Weight Bias at Home and School

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The Rudd Center teamed up with super-model Emme to create a series of videos about Weight Bias.

I’ve found that kids tease about a lot of things. If they don’t tease you because you’re fat, they’ll tease you because you’re tall or smart or have green eyes or because your name rhymes with a funny word. TEASING is the problem, no matter what the teasing is about. It’s the first stage of bullying and THAT is what needs to be stopped.

Honestly, some of the worst offenders for weight bias are people who are overweight themselves (or even worse, used to be overweight). I like to think that I’m above this sort of thing, but even now, I catch myself making judgments about overweight people that I see. I won’t even know them. I haven’t even talked to them, but I’ll think that they are lazy or stupid. Catching it in myself and being aware of this is the first step toward getting past it.

Via: Rudd Sound Bites: Rudd Center Releases Videos on Weight Bias


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