Mark Bittman Logs What He Eats

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Mark Bittman ate these scallops last week.Mark Bittman writes the Bitten Blog for the New York Times. He has been trying to lose some weight and decided to log what he ate for a couple of weeks.

As I left on a tour for my new book, I had this notion that it would be interesting to log my eating for a day or two. My compulsive tendencies took over, and I wound up writing down everything I ate, and then some. As everyone knows, eating well on the road is tough, what with instability, temptations, and tight schedules.

Still, in other years my weight swelled as I became more sedentary, and that doesn’t seem to be a problem now. I do feel as if I’m not eating the variety of food I want to, but I attribute that to a lack of home cooking because of the need to travel.

I’m always surprised when people who EAT for a living are thin. It looks like eating fresh foods in small portions during the other meals is a good way to compensate for the luxurious meals in the evenings.

Via: Littlest, Yellowest, Differentest – Mark Bittman logs what he eats for a week


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