Slim Chance Awards 2008: Skineez

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SKINEEZ(tm) Skincarewear(tm) Anti-Cellulite Thigh Slimmer at Amazon.comThe Healthy Weight Network has released their Slim Chance Awards for 2008.

This product is one I’ve never heard of: Skineez.

WORST GIMMICK: Skineez jeans ($139). A new item in the fight against cellulite, Skineez jeans are impregnated with a so-called “medication” of retinol and chitosan, a shellfish product once claimed to cut fat absorption in the stomach (see 1999 Slim Chance Awards). Friction between the jeans and skin supposedly triggers release of the substance, which goes to work on fat when absorbed through the skin. Reportedly a big hit in Europe, the “smart fabric” is also used in lingerie. Ironically, the creators of Skineez, Clothes for a Cause, profess to raise funds for breast cancer and “a wide range of other socially conscious charities.” So while the company hoodwinks women into buying an expensive pair of jeans, it promises they can “do good with every purchase … As our sales grow, so will our ability to help others.” FTC, however, is clear about such gimmicks, emphasizing that products worn or rubbed on the skin do not cause weight loss or fat loss.

As unpleasant as wearing a girdle is, I find it even MORE unappealing to think that the girdle might be oozing some “medication” on me while I wear it.


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  1. Tiffany Says:

    I have to disagree! I have not tried the jeans but I have worn the socks and thigh slimmer…I spoke with their customer service and they made more an impression that it was for helping the skin. And I have to say that it has helped my skin significantly and I feel so much more confident!! And the thigh slimmer has motivated me to go to the gym and eat healthier to continue seeing results.

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