Walking Your Dog In The Winter

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People say the best workout partner is a dog. A big, energy-filled dog that needs a couple of walks a day is a good workout partner, but when it’s snowy and icy outside, your workout partner can pull you onto your butt.

Halti Head Collar - Size 3 at Amazon.comI’ve been walking outside every day with NakedJen and her dogs, Stella and Buddha. They are huge black labs and when Buddha sees a cat, he could pull my arm right out of its socket trying to get it. Earlier this month, Jen started using the Halti Head Collars on both of the dogs and suddenly, I’m not so worried about getting pulled over. I could lead both Stella and Buddha with one hand if I had to. Now, when we walk over icy roads, I only have to worry about keeping myself stable instead of the double worry of slipping and/or being pulled over by the dog.

If you walk your dogs in the winter, a Halti might be the best exercise equipment you’ve ever bought. It will help keep you injury free and your walks with your dog will be MUCH easier.


2 Responses to “Walking Your Dog In The Winter”

  1. suzanne Says:

    My daughter used to work in a pet store and she recommends these to everyone!!

  2. Just Kelly Says:

    I was just getting ready to do a blog post about me walking my two big dogs. Once they hurt my shoulder so bad I had to go get a massage!

    I have gentle leaders but my one dog won’t wear it. He tries pawing it off till she hurts herself.

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