Whitney Houston Workout Routine

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While I was scouring old Seventeen Magazines for cool things, I found this workout routine in the May 1983 edition. It features one of their models, a pre-diva Whitney Houston.

Here she is showing off some leg workouts:

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Here are some arm workouts:

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The ab workouts are here:

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Finally, take care of your skin. It’s interesting that “maximum protection” was SPF 15 back then:

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I almost feel a little cheated by this article. When I read Seventeen Magazine, I used to think that the workouts that they showed me were actually performed by the models. I believed that the reason they looked good was because of the workout routines shown.

Call me naive, but I was sixteen years old. If you can’t be naive at sixteen, when can you? I’m glad that Seventeen Magazine has changed so much over the years. I loved the magazine that they used to be, but I really don’t think they were that healthy for me.


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