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Download Treadmill SpreadsheetThe other day, I received an email about my treadmill spreadsheets. You can download them here:

Here’s the email:


I was wondering if you can answer a question for me. Am I supposed to do each treadmill workout (The nine on excel) for a week and than move on to the next one?

Thank you for your time and work on the workouts! I’m excited to start them!



No, they are just a variety of workouts that I created on the Excel sheets. They vary in difficulty level, so some of them might be too hard for a beginner and too easy for a long-time runner. The idea was to give you an example of HOW to use Excel to plan your run on the treadmill.

Use the Save As… feature and save a version of this workout with a different name. Play with it as much as you want to create your own workouts. Have a little fun with it without worrying about “breaking” it because you have the original saved.

If you create something fun, feel free to share it.

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  1. roxy Says:

    these are extremely useful – exactly what I have been looking for. I too hate tha magazine workouts that say ‘50% of your highest level.’ Thanks so much for sharing!

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