Sheldon Shows You How NOT Following Weight Watchers Works

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Click to see full size comic.This Sunday’s Sheldon shows how NOT to follow Weight Watchers:

The panel on the right is the only tip that I follow religiously. Especially now that they have made eTools SO much better, I love keeping track of my food online with Weight Watchers. They have made it easy and I really love how they have added the system to give me positive reinforcement for following the Healthy Habits For Living.

WW eTools Healthy ChecksDo you see the little smiley faces on my water, vitamin and exercise Healthy Checks? That means that I’ve fulfilled my requirements for the day. I know it’s such a small thing, but I really like trying to get all smiley faces every day. It feels like such an accomplishment when the program gives me a smiley face. I look at that field almost more than I check whether I have enough points left in the day. You see, I need to eat one more serving of dairy, two more servings of veggies and two teaspoons of healthy oil in order to get a full complement of smiley faces.

I don’t know why something as simple as the gift of a smiley face should be enough to motivate me to eat healthy, but strangely, it does. I’ve been really happy with eTools ever since they released this new version. I just hope they don’t screw it up and take away my smiley faces.


5 Responses to “Sheldon Shows You How NOT Following Weight Watchers Works”

  1. Just_Kelly Says:

    That cartoon made me crack up.

    I so get the little smiley faces! Sometimes it’s amazing what small things motivate us but if it works for you, keep on enjoying it!

  2. Ernie Says:

    I love the smileys too! Sometimes, I unclick them just to get them back. I’m such a sucker for the smileys.

    How is your WW going? Do you feel like it’s working for you?

  3. Laura Moncur Says:

    I have yet to earn my first five pound star. 🙁 The important thing is that I’m not gaining weight, which is what happened when I stopped doing WW. It’s working for me, but it’s going slow right now. They all say that’s the best and I’m working on keeping my expectations LOW.

    How are you doing?

  4. Ernie Says:

    In my family, my siblings all struggle with their weight. When you announce to someone that you’ve lost some, you never quite know what their reaction might be. Sometimes, they take it as inspiring and sometimes it has the opposite impact. That being said, I hope you’ll take it in a positive way.

    I’ve lost over 35 pounds, gotten down two pants sizes (and the latest size is getting big on me) and I can now run 35 minutes at a stretch – the equivalent in distance to a 5K. I’m about to run in my second 5K race and my goal is to run in a 15K in February 2009.

    It really works, Laura, but I know that I need to be an active participant in the program. I’m not “along for the ride”, it is.

    You can do this! Push yourself out of your comfort zone in any way possible. Go for it!

  5. Laura Moncur Says:

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement, Ernie!

    I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

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