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I am coming off a magazine binge, but I wanted to share this article I found with you. Runners World had an Ask Miles question here:

How should I react to rude comments? If I hear “Run, Forrest, run” one more time, I’m going to snap. —Owen R., Brooklyn

The best response to taunts is the very same response that Mr. Gump himself gave: No response at all. Wisenheimers aren’t trying to draw attention to you; they’re trying to draw attention to themselves. Any reaction from you is just fuel to the fire. Instead, go Zen. Keep your gaze ahead, your stride smooth. All of this assumes, of course, that it’s illegal to carry a Taser in your state. Otherwise, my advice would change dramatically.

My advice to Owen would be COMPLETELY different. If someone is screaming, “Run, Forrest, Run,” they might just be wanting to encourage you. I remember when I got black toenail. I wasn’t able to run (or even walk) for a couple of months. It was almost torture to drive past other runners because they were running and I couldn’t. A lot of times, I would give a quick beep or a wave at the runners on the road.

In fact, there have been a lot of times when people have beeped at me when I’m running and I’ve ALWAYS considered it a note of encouragement.

It’s all about your mentality. Every time you hear someone scream out their car at you, whether you can understand what they are saying or not, consider it a compliment or a word of encouragement. Sure, the mean guys screamed “Run, Forrest, run,” but so did his girlfriend and the entire stadium at the football game. Consider it a compliment and wave back!

For more motivation, here’s an inspirational video of Forrest Gump running:


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