Alfred Hitchcock Has Wise Advice About “Stomach Trouble”

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A couple of weeks ago, I was enjoying myself watching interviews with Alfred Hitchcock on YouTube and I was surprised by this video. At the 1:42 mark, he comes back from a commercial break for a laxative product:

Alfred Hitchcock comments:

May I say I am very confused by that last commercial. Well, it was a commercial for a laxative. And I wonder why all those people doing sports and all that sort of thing–where they would need a laxative after such vigorous movement all over the place.

When I first heard him say this, I thought it was funny, but didn’t think about it any further.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and the thought has stayed with me. I’ve noticed that after I exercise I DO need to go to the bathroom. Whether I’ve eaten or not, exercise helps me go to the bathroom. It has actually helped me a lot with my “stomach trouble.”

I had NO IDEA that exercise might help me with my stomach problems. NO IDEA. The doctor that I visited suggested exercise, but only as a means to lose weight because, you know, skinny people don’t have stomach trouble. Apparently, my doctor didn’t even know that my condition could be helped by exercise.

It’s a sad state when I get my best medical advice from a 350 pound dead man.


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  1. Blake Says:

    That’s funny. Alfred Hitchcock. I just watched one of his movies with my wife last weekend. Good movie. anyway…my wife has IBS and when she exercises consistently she doesn’t have the stomach pain and stuff goes through her faster. Exercise creates quicker transit time and that is a good thing. Good advice AH.

  2. Renee Says:

    Laura I have noticed the same thing! It’s one of the reasons I try my best not to miss my schedules for exercise. I don’t have any stomach problems but notice that it does help me my digestive system much better than if I were not exercising and had to rely on laxatives.

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