Diet Cults: Reprogramming Yourself

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Diet Blog has a nice article asking whether your diet is a cult.

They have some suggestions on how to reprogram yourself if you have fallen into the cult mentality:

  • This may seem common sense by now but the message bears repeating: There are no quick fixes or universally perfect solutions.
  • Know that you and only you make the decisions regarding your health. Learn as much as you can about healthy eating and make decisions from there. You are in control!
  • See food as the solution – not the problem to your health and weight.
  • Reframe success: Look at markers other than scale weight to determine your goals. Set goals to eat more vegetables, eat out less or walk more.
  • Join communities (in person or on-line) that are support-based, encourage critical thinking, individuality, and do not promote extreme measures.

These are good recommendations when choosing a diet plan as well. If it feels like your diet plan has been controlling you more than you controlling it, take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship with food and your eating plan.


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