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Peaches via Mom's BasementI don’t care for peaches. Unlike apples, nectarines, pears and plums, I don’t like to eat that fuzzy skin on the outside. Having a slimy pit to deal with at the end is bad enough, but that fuzzy skin is just unappetizing.

Then again, I’m perfectly willing to eat apricots. I LOVE apricots and I miss the tree that my parents used to have in their backyard. I hated picking up the rotting and disgusting apricots that had fallen from the tree, but I DO miss the fresh fruit. The fuzzy skin on them doesn’t even phase me, so why don’t I like peaches?

Is it just the pit? With an apricot, I can pop it open and dispose of the pit easily, but with a peach, the fruit clings to the pit with a vengeance. I guess the combination of a slimy pit and fuzzy skin is just enough to push peaches off the list of favorite fresh fruits.

Canned, peaches, however… I LOVE those. I don’t like the kind that have heavy syrup, but packed in juice or water, they’re delightful. If someone else has gone to the trouble of removing that furry skin and gooey pit, I’m perfectly happy to eat a peach. Lucky thing, too, because adding peaches to my diet means that I won’t get sick of fruits and vegetables.

Are there any fruits or veggies that you don’t like to eat? If there are, try them prepared in a different way. It might make the difference between dieting boredom and dieting success.

Photo via: Found in Mom’s Basement: Vintage Georgia peach fruit crate labels


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  1. Mary Anne Says:

    The only way I have learned to like okra is FRIED, so I might as well skip that one!

    Here’s a curious thing: when I was a child I just loved pears, gobbled them down. Then I tested allergic to them for many years. After more than ten years of not eating a bite of pear, I was no longer allergic to them, so I eagerly tried one. It didn’t taste good. Thinking that was maybe a bad pear, I tried another, later. I’ve tried them fresh, canned, made into desserts, and they taste bland and boring now. Even after fifty years, the way they tasted to me as a child makes my mouth water remembering. Not real pears, not now. It’s sad.

  2. Renee Says:

    Mary Ann I have to say something about the okra…. Truth is that was the only way I could eat okra as well – FRIED. But within the past year I LOVE it plain! :o) I really do. I guess our taste buds just end up changing – much like yours did with the pears.

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