Knowledge-Based Tasks Result In Greater Food Intake

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Can Thinking Make You Fat?

It seems that tasks that task your mind also task your appetite. Jean-Phillipe Chaput just released a study in the latest issue of Psychosomatic Medicine stating that intellectual work creates a destabilization of the blood glucose levels in the body and causes appetite spikes.

The participants burned only about three calories more during each of the two “knowledge-based” experiments than during the 45 minutes when they rested in a comfortable chair. So the caloric expenditures were relatively quite low for mental tasks compared to the period spent relaxing.

But the intake was significantly higher. Participants consumed 203 more calories after the reading experiment, and 253 more calories after the computer tests, than the resting participants. That’s an increase of 23.6 percent and 29.4 percent, respectively.

Next time you feel yourself reaching for food when you’re working at the computer, remember that you haven’t really burned the calories you’re craving. Instead of a snack, take a brisk walk or a run up and down the stairs. That’s the pick-me-up that your body truly needs.

Via: Thinking Makes You Fat – Geekologie


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