Ask Laura: How Do I Choose The Right Shoe?

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Sandy Says: September 24th, 2008 at 12:29 pm

I was googling something else and came across this blog entry. How does one go about finding the right work out tennis shoe? My foot (specifically the arch area) hurts sometimes when exercising (aerobic videos at home)…my feeling is that it’s the shoe, but I don’t know how to choose the right shoe.

Thanks! Sandy


The best thing to do is to go to a professional running store. Wear your exercise clothes and be prepared to run on a treadmill in front of the staff. The best places (like Nike, New Balance and specialized running stores) have treadmills in their stores so you can test out the shoes in action. I always say that I have to run a mile in a shoe to know if it will hurt me or not. In actuality, I usually only need to try it out for a minute, but it is SO helpful to have a treadmill at the store to try out the shoes.

If you happen to live in an area without a specialized running store, your next best bet is Foot Locker. Try to go during a time when they are slow so you can get some personalized attention. My first shoes I bought at Lady Foot Locker and the girl there was so good she was able to find a shoe that felt good from the very first day.

Other than trial and error (which is FAR too costly when shoes can run in the hundreds of dollars), there is no better way to get running shoes than to go to a professional running store for a fitting. What you pay in embarrassment by running or walking on a treadmill in front of strangers, you save in dollars in your pocket.

Laura Moncur


4 Responses to “Ask Laura: How Do I Choose The Right Shoe?”

  1. Fitness Surfer Says:

    My last shoe purchase went wrong. I thought I could just buy the same shoes that I always do, but they changed the style completely. I thought I found a good shoe, but I ended up with shoes that are too big, roll easily, and cause pain on a bone I have on my foot. There is a running store in town. I’ll have to go there real soon. Thank you for all of the good advice.

  2. Beauty Human Says:

    Another approach would be to go to your local store and locate that perfect fit-brand-size shoes, but buy that exact brand-size-model online. I always do this “try-and-research-the-price” approach on everything I buy, not only on shoes/clothing.

  3. Laura Moncur Says:

    Dear “Beauty Human,”

    Don’t you feel that’s dishonorable? You’ve spent the clerk’s time for personalized service.

    Bad form, bad form.


  4. Emily Says:

    I spent almost $150 on a pair of hideous running shoes last year and I’m AMAZED at the difference they’ve made. While I feel that I won’t be able to spend that kind of money again, the clerk really helped fit me correctly and show me what kind of shoe I need for me. No more buying shoes just because they feel good – I know JUST what I need now.

    At the running store I went to, if the clerk spent time fitting you and you didn’t buy a shoe, you had to pay $25 for the fitting – to keep people like Beauty Human from doing what she suggested.

    I feel like next time I buy shoes, I probably WILL buy them at a cheaper price but that’s because I’ve already been fitted and know what I need.

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