Use Your Blackberry To Track Your Workouts

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The iPhone has gotten a lot of publicity because there are so many applications that can make it a great workout partner. One I covered is RunKeeper:

AllSportGPSIt looks like Blackberry isn’t being left behind in that arena, however. Wendy Bumgardner, at About.walking talks about how to use your Blackberry to track your workouts:

Within minutes of hearing about it, Wendy had downloaded a program called AllSportGPS.

What do you get? A constant readout of your current speed and average speed for the session, plus accurate distance, plus a map of where you are and where you might be going! And when you’re done, it automatically transmits it to a web site where it is saved for posterity, and you can choose to keep it private or share it with the world. But wait, there’s more! A graph of your speed throughout the workout! An elevation profile for your workout so you can brag about the steep hills! A map of it all – and since it uses Google Maps, you can select a street view, satellite view, or topographic view.

It looks even better than Runkeeper because it also logs elevation, so if you happened to be running hills in San Francisco, you would get those extra kudo points for that as well as distance and speed. If you own a Blackberry or Motorola Smartphone, check out AllSportGPS for your workouts.


4 Responses to “Use Your Blackberry To Track Your Workouts”

  1. Jason Jacobs Says:

    Hi Laura, I am the founder of the company that built RunKeeper and I wanted to write and let you (and your readers) know that, although there was no way for you to have known this, RunKeeper has been collecting elevation data all along, we just have not been displaying it yet. In our next release (within the next week or so) we will be displaying elevation data as well, not only for new runs but also for the ones already in your run history. Thanks for your coverage of RunKeeper, we appreciate it!

    Best, Jason

  2. Sherre Says:

    I can’t wait to d/load this to my blackberry. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Bert Says:

    Oldfashion crap, it’s not updated and for this price, a complete ripoff!!!

  4. Ro Says:

    FOR THE PRICE OF FREE You can’t beat this I’ve tried so many apps and this is the best one out there granted I have an android but I spent a whole day trying other ones and they didn’t work as well or precise on the GPS love it will be telling my brothers who are also fitness junkies to DL!!

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