Weight Management: Don’t Be A Fail Dog

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Fail Dogs is a funny little site that shows me pictures of dogs in embarrassing situations every day. This one, however, hit a little too close to home:

Fail Dogs: Weight Management

After being put on weight management food, this little puppy took matters in his own hands and ate the entire bag.

He probably still didn’t feel full…

There have been so many times when I’ve gotten low calories substitutes to eat when what I really wanted was the high calorie version. It took me years to give up those bland and nearly inedible “treats” and learn how to have a SMALL serving of the real thing. Once I gave up those 100 Calorie packs, I was able to eat what I really wanted AND lose weight.

I know the 100 Calorie packs are a godsend to some people, but I ended up just like this little dog when I had them in the house. I would eat three of them and they still wouldn’t have satisfied me as much as 300 calories of a REAL dessert.


2 Responses to “Weight Management: Don’t Be A Fail Dog”

  1. Reggie Says:

    I totally agree with you. I have been going back to my old blog entries and all I saw was poached chicken, white fish, or grilled vegetables. They are delicious, but they lack varieties. I have learned to eat more normally like you but less in portion. I can enjoy my food without feeling guilty because I have learned self-control. GREAT BLOG!

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Only three? I typically eat most or all of a box when the wife brings them home. I have come to realize I’m just like the fail dog so I dont have them in the house.

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