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Fallen tree blocks the path. by LauraMoncur from FlickrOur friend, Tom Mangan, who writes my favorite Two-Heel Drive blog has started a new blog called Hike Hacker. He tells you all the things you need to know about hiking. Here is a good article about hiking for weight loss from him.

He lost 37 pounds in three months by hiking and here are the three things he did:

  • He cut out Cokes and cookies
  • He walked on hills for an hour a day
  • He took long hikes on the weekends

Even if you don’t live next door to beautiful woods that are accessible all year ’round, you can still follow his plan for hiking your way to fitness.

If you don’t have access to hills for your daily workouts, you can do a similar workout on your treadmill. To do a hill workout on your treadmill, turn up your incline to the highest setting, walk on it for two minutes, then turn it down to the lowest setting and walk on it for one minute. Repeat for an hour each day.

Even in the cold and snow of winter, some of the Utah trails are still open, so make sure you check with your local parks to see what trails are available to you.

Hiking to get in shape seems like a perfect escape to me because you get to enjoy yourself while you’re out there. There is no drudgery when you have beautiful scenery to distract you!


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