Does Fast Food Make You Fat?

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I came across this picture while I was researching gluttony the other day. It was labeled glutton.jpg.

Does Fast Food Make You Fat?

Wendy, Ronald McDonald and The KFC Colonel all have been rendered pudgy in front of a landscape of nutrition facts. The question remains, does fast food make you fat?

When I lost my weight, I did it almost solely on fast food, so I can categorically tell you that fast food doesn’t necessarily make you fat.

I CAN tell you, however, that non-fast food will make you feel fuller.

When I eat fresh fruit, veggies, meat, eggs and dairy, I end up feeling fuller than when I eat the same amount of calories in fast food. Even if I make my own Egg McMuffin, I can do it with less calories and it tastes better.

So why eat fast food?

Duh, because it’s fast and convenient. Sometimes we just don’t have time for a healthy meal and we have to compromise. You just need to know that it’s possible to do that without looking like the restaurant mascots above.


5 Responses to “Does Fast Food Make You Fat?”

  1. Blake Says:

    You are proof that it can be done. For me it’s about making the best choice I can, and if i have to eat fast food, the same thing applies…make the best possible choice. Funny pic too!

  2. Green Fitness Says:

    Well I find it a lame excuse when people claim they don’t have time. With the grocery store being right near the McDonald’s. I can walk in quickly grab some bananas, apples, and peaches and go through self checkout. I am usually out faster than the cars that are in the drive thru.

  3. Flu-Bird Says:

    its not fastfood its the inactivity like after visiting McDonalds or Burger King and going home and napping on the couch instead of talking a brisk walk

  4. teen Says:

    this is so lame how people think that fast food is okay. cool people that go to my school eat like shit because they can and a lot of kids go to the same fast food places because they think they will be “cool”. however they are not because it makes them fat because most popular people at my school don’t exercise so others who are under the influence don’t either. i HATE these excuses!! happy day! XD

  5. richy Says:

    I think that people need shut up about fast food making you fat it your own fault if you eats a bunch of fast food burgers of course you will get fat especially if u eat and dont work out so shut up about im fat because of fast food its ur fault deal with it

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