Starling Fitness Challenges on NIKE+

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Starling Fitness Challenges on Nike+

I haven’t written about it for a long time, but I am still hosting challenges on the NIKE+ Website. The reason I don’t post much about it here is because I can’t link to the actual challenges and you have to sign up to even see how people are progressing. Additionally you have to have a Nike+ iPod or Nike+ SportsBand to even log your runs. If you have a Garmin or just run the old fashioned way, you can’t participate.

With all of those limitations, mentioning the challenges here every week might be kind of irritating to all of those people who haven’t sold their soul to Apple and Nike. For the rest of us, however, I just thought I’d drop a quick note letting you know that I’m still hosting the challenges on Nike+.

What about Runner+?

I used to host challenges on Runner+. With Runner+, EVERYONE can run. You don’t need a Nike+ to log your runs. If you have one, it’s great, but if you don’t, you can enter your run data by hand. Unfortunately, there was the constant problem of people signing up for challenges that were below their level just to win. I didn’t have the ability to kick people out of my own challenges, so it was a fight every week. In the end, it was actually better to go back to the Nike+ website.

I’ll keep watching the Runner+ website to see if any additions are made to the usability, but until then, the challenges are available on Nike+.

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