Where Is Your Obese Husband?

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Wii Fit at Amazon.comThis exact incident happened to me when I was playing Wii Fit the other day. I am so surprised when Joy of Tech gets things so right every time:

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Of course, it didn’t ask me where my “obese husband” was, it asked where Elvis was. Mike and I set up our Elvis Mii on Wii Fit so people could play the game without playing as one of us. As cool as the Wii Fit is, it’s not really set up for party games. It’s more of an exercise game, so when our friends want to see what it’s like, it bugs me if they play using my Mii. Of course, it has been weeks and weeks since Elvis has played, so the Wii Fit balance board asked me where he has been.

I didn’t have the heart to tell my imaginary trainer that Elvis is dead.


2 Responses to “Where Is Your Obese Husband?”

  1. Ernie Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post to drop a little so that I wouldn’t see the words “obese husband” pop on my screen everyday. That’s mostly because I AM an obese husband. At least, according to the Wii.

    I don’t hide from my Wii, though. I do the dang body test and take my weight profiling like a man.


    It sucks. It always has sucked, but it sucks to hear it from my new best friend. And we only just met!!

  2. Wendy Says:

    My 19 year old created a character for our Wii Fit called Quincy. Quincy was a frequent flier while she lived at home—Then Uncle Sam called and for the last 12 weeks my Wii Fit has been asking where Quincy is and do I think her Posture has improved (well Duh how ’bout you ask her Drill Sarge?) and how i think her fitness is going etc. She’ll be home in about a week-I wonder will the WiiFit recognize the new Army Quincy.

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