Do You Feel Like A Poseur?

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Click to see comicThis comic from Least I Could Do really hit home for me.

Sometimes I feel like a poseur. I have lost weight. I have gained weight. I have gotten my binges under control. I have let them get out of control. Right now, I’m not at my goal weight. I’m struggling just to eat healthy and exercise.

Funny thing is, when I was nearly at my goal weight, I ALSO felt like a poseur. I felt like a fat girl inside my skinny body. Now I feel like a hypocrite writing about health and fitness when it’s a struggle every day just to play on the Wii Fit.

Is it a no-win situation, or will I eventually be AND feel like a thin girl someday?


4 Responses to “Do You Feel Like A Poseur?”

  1. Jazzy Says:

    I love all the knowledge and inspiration you give us on your blog! One day you will surely feel AND be the thin/fit girl inside of you! Every choice we make is creating the person we are [becoming]. And you my blogging friend seem to be choosing well.

  2. iportion Says:

    I decided to just like the fat girl even when I am losing weight or at goal.

  3. Nicky Says:

    well, I am feeling thin and am sometimes a bit disappointed to see myself in pictures how big I still am, but I know I’m getting there.

  4. Caroline Says:

    Stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for scans of the Wii Fit island map. I’m also starting to blog about the Wii Fit and fitness in general just for fun and to keep track of my own progress. I don’t feel like a hypocrite because I’m not out to suggest any tips to anyone on how they can be healthier.

    As for your problem on feeling like a poseur, perhaps you should also work on your self-image alongside your exercises. Love yourself whatever your size. A better looking body should just be a bonus.

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