Do You Feel Like A Cat On A Treadmill?

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This video made me laugh out loud the other day:

I’ve never tried to put my cat on my treadmill, but I suspect all cats would act the same. I love what the girl filming says:

“This is someone who’s against exercise.”

How about you? Do you feel like a cat on a treadmill? Do your workouts feel like you’re forcing them every day? How can you avoid feeling like that white cat?

I change my workouts quite regularly to keep things new. I have a hard time concentrating on one type of exercise, so I try everything that’s out there. I walk, run, ride my bike, play Dance Dance Revolution, use the Wii Fit and I even load up the old Yourself! Fitness every once and a while. Whenever it feels like a chore to exercise, I do something I haven’t tried in a while. Sometimes, even changing venue is enough. I might be running on the treadmill every day and it starts to feel like a chore, but then I go for a run outside and it feels different, even though I went the same distance.

Next time you’re feeling like a cat on a treadmill, try something new. It just might be your new obsession.

Video via: The Funniest Treadmill Videos of All Time : Complete Running Network


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