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Wii Fit at Amazon.comThere is no question in my mind what my absolute favorite activity on Wii Fit is: Running on Wii Fit Island. So far, I’ve opened up the Short Run, the Long Run, Island Lap and Free Run. With Free Run, I can run for 10-30 minutes without stopping.

When I first started working out with the Wii Fit, I was worried that I wouldn’t really be able to get a good cardio workout. The Aerobics activities were intense enough to get my heart rate into the high range, but they were only a few minutes long. With the addition of Free Run, however, I can get a REAL aerobic workout and enjoy the scenery of Wii Fit Island.

Here is a video of the Short Run:

Click Here To See The Video

This video only shows you a small part of Wii Fit Island. Here is a map of the running trails:

Map of Wii Fit Island by Laura Moncur from Flickr

Anyone familiar with the Nintendo/Mario Universe will recognize many little in-jokes and familiar sites. Wii Fit Town looks a lot like Delfino Square and the run through Rocky Peak is very much like a Mario Kart drive through Choco Mountain (try to see the choco boulders falling off the cliffs).

Everything that I wished for in that Island Worlds program, has come to pass in Wii Fit with the Basic Run and Free Run activities. They’re better, in fact, because I’m running with my Miis. Every time I pass a Mii that we created, it feels like I’m out exercising with my friends. If you watch carefully at the end of the video, Mike is waiting for me at the end of the run. Just seeing that one of my friends is ahead of me while I’m running makes me run a little faster to catch up to them.


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  1. person Says:

    Where do I find those little Nintendo characters?? I have found 2 mario’s but I can’t find anything else and my computer won’t tell me anything!!! Please help me!!!!

  2. Donna Says:

    I found Luigi at the end of the race standing in the middle of the fountain on the left.

  3. Donna Says:

    Has anyone else found any other characters?

  4. Lisa Says:

    I also love the free run and I’ve had a lot of fun with the Wii Fit in general. have you hurt your feet running barefoot? after my first 20 minute run without shoes I realized that was a mistake. it has been days but they are still tender, even with shoes. anyone else found this problem? should I just put on running shoes for that one part?

  5. Laura Moncur Says:


    I wear my running shoes when I do the free run.


  6. Marjorie Says:

    I just got my wii fit a few days ago and love the free run. I have an elliptical in my living room and can just put the remote in my pocket and use the elliptical and it really helps me run at a steady pace. I love being able to incoporate both the elliptical and the wii fit.

  7. holly Says:

    how do you control were 2 go cos i follow the dogs but its gettin borin !! and p.s i also have the problem with my feet !!

  8. Ry Says:

    I’ve found a Goomba on a rock near one of the tunnels if you go through the opposite direction from how you go in the short basic run, a mushroom on another rock if you follow a dog after following the dog on the bridge in the Island Lap, Luigi on the fountain in the town and I know there’s something if you go through the long tunnel the opposite direction to the regular route but I can’t remember which it is. Maybe Mario. I’m a little annoyed that there’s a limited number of routes available even with all the dogs, but they’re still fun.

    I do all of my Wii Fit routines barefoot, but I have a pretty thick carpet and I make sure to stretch my calves and feet before and after running.

  9. Elise Says:

    I’m having issues getting the wit fit running to work. I put the remote in my pocket and I’ve tried holding it to. When I run in place I can’t get my character to run. Any suggestions? am I doing something wrong?

  10. TOM Says:

    When your running in place are u moving your arms? you can adjust ur speed by the way you move your arms. I always hold my controller and move my arms up and down and the mii moves right along.. good luck!


    Where are all the symbols? Please tell me.

  12. Edie Price Says:

    I am curious on how long the runs are for. I have done the short and long run and now I just unlocked the island run. anyone know how long they are in compared to miles?

  13. tom Says:

    Edie do the free run it gives you an estimate on how many miles you run…it is not that accurate though because i can run 4 miles in 20 minutes…that will never happen in real life

  14. Angela Says:

    If you are having trouble with aching feet, run on a yoga mat. I don’t run in real life because I get horrible shin splints, but I haven’t had any problems doing it this way.

  15. DaddyDave Says:

    If you want to run in the waves, start a LONG run. When the first dog appears, DONT follow it (dont overtake your trainer) When the second dog appears, DONT follow it (dont overtake your trainer) When the third dog appears, FOLLOW IT. It will take you to the beach, and into the water.

  16. Nichole Says:

    How do you turn the Mii when you are doing the Free Running???

  17. Console Freak Says:

    Well i’m using my wii fit alot for doing some gymn. It’s very funny to run on a wii fit but it’s not boring 🙂

  18. wii runner Says:

    I love wii fit island lap. I can do 4 in a row. I like folling the first light brown dog and the black one. I do my running barefooted, and at first it hurt, now it doesn’t. Keep a steady pace to get the best scores, my personal best is 144% burn rate!

  19. Dean Says:

    We just got the WII fit today and were trying to run and could not get it to work. I would run in place but it would not move. Didn’t matter if the control was in my pocket or in my hand, any one have any ideas?

  20. Mumsy Says:

    I had trouble finding a way to hold the controller and get an even pace running. Difficult holding in hand, and uneven pace when in pocket. Best way (sorry guys) is to thread the controller around front centre of bra & tuck the controller (upside down) in front of leggings. Enables you to get an even pace and to swing arms without affecting speed/pace. Does anyone have a better idea? ps – you might want to consider having a separate controller for this!!

  21. courtney Says:

    What do you do when you find a nintendo character?Please help!!!!

  22. lorna Says:

    how do you run on the wi fit? pleas help, i run on the spot but the mi doesnt follow the person.

  23. leelabird Says:

    I do my jogging on a v fit trampoline, it’s much better than bare boards!! I would like to find a big island plan so I can put in all the figures as and when I find them.

  24. Joee Says:

    Well after reading above I learned that I can pass the leader and follow the dogs. In the 5 minute run and the island lap you have a number of opportunities to follow a dog instead of your leader or a previous dog. This takes you on different routes that allow you to see more of the island. I found a number of Mario’s. Look at the bottom of the windmills, bottom of tree, in tunnel coming the opposite direction, along a house and more. So far only one Liugi and one other character. So follow the dogs to do more exploring.

  25. Lori Jean Says:

    I’ve found that the best way for me to carry the Wii remote on the jogging in by wearing a large vest with pockets and put the remote in the pocket. I start to jog as soon as I hit start so I’m at a steady pace when it starts. As someone else pointed out, the faster you go, or more erratic you go, the less fit credits you get. Going slow and steady you can get more than 300%. I usually go after one of the dogs now. It gets annoying to me to have the Mii’s wave at you all the time and I like the different paths. The beach is my favorite.

  26. katkat Says:

    I’m also having trouble with keeping a consistent pace. Sometimes when I’m really running my Mii barely moves but when walking in place and swinging my arms like crazy or doing windmills it works. I’d rather not do that of course.

    I’ve tried it in my hands, back pocket, front waistband but it never gets me over 56%. Will try Mumsy’s tip tomorrow.

  27. Linda Says:

    I have been running for weeks getting up to 198% calorie burn and still have not been able to open the free run. Nothing against the Wii friend that runs with me with the 2P Run but I am getting a little sick of picking up his slack. What am I doing wrong? Is there something special I need to be doing to get the Free Run to open? Anyone know any tricks? PLEASE HELP!

  28. Laura Moncur Says:


    The 2P Run doesn’t open up the Free Run. You have to do really well on the single person runs before the Free Run will open up. I don’t remember exactly what I did to open it up, but I’ve never done the 2P Run, so I know that doesn’t affect whether you can open up Free Run or not.


  29. Linda Says:

    Thank You! I guess I didn’t give the single person run a chance. I will now!

  30. Skip Says:

    How the heck do you turn in free run? I run and just follow the road…don’t wanna do that anymore!

  31. Skip Says:

    How can I make my Mii turn in the free run? I’m stumped.

  32. Gidget Says:

    Definitely stretch before you do the Wii Fit jog. Frequent motion like this can cause shin splints and other things that will take a long time to go away. Be sure to stretch your calves really well in both directions.

    I don’t really find the need for running shoes, since I’m not doing the real forward motion of jogging, but I do need some serious cushioning, so I wear thick socks and Crocs. Works really well. Very spongy.

    On the island lap, I recommend following the very first dog and staying with him… or following the dog as you are about to get off the first bridge and staying with him.

    As for the controller and getting good results, I tie the drawstring of my sweatpants nice and tight and stick the controller in the waistband vertically, just in front of my hip bone. I usually do about 240%.

    I’m planning on getting a treadmill and still using Wii Fit there. Saw a video of someone doing it online and it works. What I would LOVE is if they would make a dedicated Wii Jogging game that would have even more trails, secret places to find, etc. I’d still want it to have my Mii’s because it’s fun to have them run with me. Fun to see them fall too. And it’s the only time I can jog next to my 78 year old mother!

  33. steven Says:

    how can I colect those symbols in free jogging on the fitty island? and how can I turn left or right in free jogging?

  34. Jen Says:

    it seems not to work well when holding the remote during the runs. and if you have big pockets that doesn’t seen to work well either. i use pants similar to jeans with the tighter pocket in the back and it works great.

    also, does anybody know the actual distance of the island run ?

  35. joann Says:

    well i used to go to the gym everyday but doing the wii fit has kinda taken its place. think iam making a big mistake? kinda feeling guilty. ! I am not to confident on the free run not really sure just how accurate it really is.

  36. Heather Says:

    How do you do any of the things your talking about?

  37. Anne Says:

    I am loving my Wii Fit and the Island Run. After reading posts I am wondering – how can I follow a dog instead of my trainer?

  38. Gareth Says:

    You follow a dog by sprinting and overtaking your trainer when you see a dog running in front of you. Has anyone come across a map with all the possible running routes on it?

  39. Jennifer Says:

    I have tried holding the wii controller in my hand and in my pocket and I can’t get my character to run. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve moved my arms and body like a maniac and nothing works.

  40. sarah Says:

    hi, I was wondering if there is anything higher than free run (never tried only on island) but I kinda want to take my own route and also how to turn on free run

  41. LJ Says:

    i love the run activity but i wish you could control you guy in freerun (turn him and stuff)somehow if thiers a way can you tell me if not then they should add it

  42. Kasey Says:

    When you start out on the free run and go to the bridge, after the peak you should look to the lower right and see what kinda looks like a Mario sticker.

  43. Doug Says:

    There’s a path through the windmills you can get to from the Island Loop but there’s no dog to take you there. Has anybody successfully run on this path? It comes out behind the houses but you can’t seem to get to it from that direction, either. It seems strange Nintendo would create an obvious path you can run on!

  44. Mumsy Says:

    You can’t do your own thing on the runs – you either ignore the dogs and follow your pacemaker, or you overtake him when the dogs come up and take one of those routes. There are several different variations – my favourites are going over the high bridge and jumping off at the end, or going under the waterfall and through the sea at the end. I believe there is a new wii fit game coming out later this year – does anyone know what’s in it? Keep on running!

  45. Brendan Says:

    I agree completely with Gidget. It would be great to have a game where it was just running with a bunch of different trails to take! I have a treadmill I run on in front of my 42″ TV and I love it. Reminds me of Cross Country in High School. As for the remote thing. I just get a belt and put it around my waist. Then I stuff the remote between my side and the belt. Works great because I can still get to the buttons if I need to and it doesn’t slip because I can adjust the belt. I have to try out the following dog thing. Seems like lots of fun and I’ll have to see where they can take me.

  46. jen Says:

    how do you change the channels while you are running on free run?

  47. Peter Says:

    I use a treadmill while doing the wii fit run , I set the treadmill to 5km/h and put the remote in my pocket. Works fine and I can use my RunningShoes for it .

  48. Laura Says:

    Just got the wii fit plus. Do you actually go to a place that shows the Island on the program and you click on the different sections or is just in the activities and you unlock as you go. We keep looking for the map on the game like they show in the book but can’t find it. Please help.

  49. John Says:

    Speaking of the map… I’ve been “cycling” around the island … and I have not been able to find the 22nd flag… is there a map that shows where they are? I rode all over for a good 25 minutes with 21 of 22 completed…

  50. Empressmean Says:

    John, You may be missing the flag inside the moutain. When you get close to the moutain expand to see all the maps. I don’t think there’s a road to this flag. You have to cut across the grass. Hope this helps.

  51. Empressmean Says:

    I’m using my treadmill for the run is anyone else doing that same? still having problems getting a steady pace.

  52. Susan Says:

    I use the free run game on days I can’t make it to they gym for my regular cardio workout. It’s great! I get a little bored with running around the island now that I’ve been doing it for awhile. So, I usually choose to watch regular TV while the remote takes over and does the calculating for me. On my TV, you just switch the input from the Wii game back to my satellite dish and they will run simultaneously. When I’m down to the last minute, I just switch back to the Wii to see my results. Great “no excuses” workout!

    Oh, and as for the distance, at the gym, I usually do 3 miles in 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill. On the Wii run, in 30 minutes I’m averaging between 5.5 and 6.5 miles.

  53. Bill Says:

    John, as for the 22nd flag, it might be the one out beyond the first two on the sand, around the hill further out, will show once you are around that.

  54. iona Says:

    For you guys that are asking how to get to the places you see while you’re running on wii fit plus, you can get to them! Go to the main menu where you pick from different types of activities – the screen with the menu on the right that say Aerobics, Balance, Yoga, etc. Pick the top one, I forget what it’s called….yikes. It’s the first one. So click on that, and pick Running Plus from the graphic menu you get. It’s the very last item. It’s a pic of a woman running with a cat.

    It’s so awesome. You start out with the short race again, the 3 min one. You follow a cat instead of a dog, and every time you complete the run, another paths is unlocked, and another cat shows up and takes you to a different part of the island, where you’ve never been before. There are three short run paths, 3 long run paths, and 3 island run paths. Just keep following the different cats! You’ll be asked questions after each race, so try to remember some things that you’ve seen – how many wii flags did you see, how many dogs ran past you, what color was the cat you were following…easy stuff like that. I’m not sure if the new paths are unlocked if you get all of the answers wrong, since I got them all right every time 😛

    You’ll be running through new mountain tunnels, over ramps and rooftops in the town, over that wooden footbridge you keep seeing but can’t figure out how to get to….one of the races even ends on the cruise ship you see parked at the dock! Very fun, and a nice change of pace from the same tracks you see over and over. My fav was a long winding staircase sort of bridge, made of metal, that’s hidden on the side of a mountain. It made a nice clang when my mii ran on it. One race ends up in a mountain where there are hidden ruins like a coliseum. TRY IT!!

  55. nen1470 Says:

    I am looking for the wii fit plus route that goes UNDER the waterfalll… anyone know where it is??

  56. iona Says:

    I know of one that goes behind it, not sure how you can go under it, since you would be underwater. If anyone wants to do the behind the waterfall run: do the basic run, the island lap. Start off slowly so you don’t immediately pass the mii you’re following. Halfway over the bridge, a gold puppy will pass you. Follow it.

  57. Bridgie Says:

    Love Wii fit! Got it for Christmas and run a lot.

    As for the remote, i stick it in my front pocket. Gets exactly when I run, as my leg moves up and down. So I never thought of trying it another way.

  58. Cooks Says:

    Like Brendan, I also run on a treadmill (manual) for the Wii free run. These are some of the best workouts I’ve had in years. I found an old water bottle belt and put the Wii controller in it. There is an elastic strap to hold it in place and I fill the extra space with an old sock (very technical, I know). When you position the belt at the correct spot on your hip, the synchronization with your movements is perfect. 30 minutes go by in a flash and it is very comfortable.

    It’s funny, I recently moved and suddenly a host of new Mii’s appeared on the run. I think I might be picking them up from the neighbourhood. Is this possible? (Some look very familiar)

    Anyway, couple the run with strength training on the alternate days and you will look and feel great in no time.

    Have fun.

  59. Sherry Says:

    My DH and I got the Wii and Wii Fitness Plus for Christmas. I had broken my ankle last year and had complications. At 62,all the inactivity had gotten me out of shape and I was actually starting to feel old. Well, the Wii Fit Plus has not only gotten up and off the couch, but I’m losing weight and getting so much dexterity and stamina back that I’m feeling like my old self again….a lot younger! I, like so many have mentioned in their posts, especially love the runs….the Island Run and Free Run are my favorite and I enjoy the runs with the cats and keeping my observation abilities up answering the questions. I’m excited to find out that their will be more runs opening up in there, also. Does anyone know how many runs their are in each game that is currently available on Wii Fit Plus? I know I’d buy an add-on game for Wii Fit with only running games, too. By the way….thanks for all of your comments…I learned a lot of great information.

  60. Kelsey Says:

    there are many places where you can see Mario, most likely if you just follow the Mii the whole time. on the basic run (length:long) if you follow the first dog you see (i think) you will see a Star on top of a tree. There is a fountain in the middle of the town(…?) and Luigi is in the fountain. i havent found any other Mario chars.

  61. Fergie Says:

    Just wondering how accurate the Free Run is for distance. I do between 7000 and 8200m in thirty minutes. It certainly doesn’t seem like 7 or 8KM, any ideas?

  62. christina Says:

    on wii fit plus …I have been doing the cycle across the island at the end it says 5.5 is that how many miles I have walked on the wii board thanks for answers…..christina

  63. WannaLoseWeight Says:

    I want to know how much distance is on the Island Lap. Can anyone tell me? ~WannaLoseWeight~

  64. thatboi Says:

    has anyone noticed the similarity of the wii fit running island and wii sports resort island they are pretty close

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