Fat Kids: The New Norm

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Click to see full size comic.This comic from Joy of Tech made me feel just as angry at those fat kids as I was at the skinny kids that made fun of me when I was little. When I was a kid, they used to call me Chug-A-Lug. I wrote about it here:

It’s funny to me how much it hurt when I was a child to be made fun of because of my weight. Of course, if they hadn’t made fun of me because of my weight, they would have found something else to torment me with. They would have called me stupid or loud or made fun of my hair because it was brown, whatever.

Are fat kids the new norm? I don’t know. As an adult, we can’t see that world. We can never again step into that small hell that children inflict on each other. I’m sure kids are made fun of because they are thin. I remember kids calling a girl in grade school String Bean. She didn’t like that name anymore than I liked being called Chug-A-Lug. Children have taunted and teased each other for far longer than this supposed obesity epidemic.


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