Ten Surprising Facts Supermarkets Won’t Tell You

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Odd Pairing by pheochromocytoma from Flickr

Odd Pairing by pheochromocytoma from Flickr

This article from MSN shows how grocery stores set up their floor plan to increase sales. Unfortunately, sometimes that means food that we didn’t want ends up in our shopping carts. We’ve all heard the adage to never go grocery shopping hungry. Here are some other things you might want to know.

Here is quick run-down of their list:

  1. The shopping carts have cooties.
  2. Food expiration dates are open to interpretation.
  3. Kid-friendly food is purposely placed within their reach.
  4. They cut up food so they can charge more.
  5. Good-for-you foods require bending and reaching.
  6. End-of-aisle displays are there to distract you from your mission.
  7. Bargains aren’t always a bargain.
  8. You’ll walk the store the way they want you to.
  9. The salad bar can make you sick.
  10. They don’t always clean as often as they should.

I have heard that the best way to shop at a grocery store is to only go around the edges. The fresh food like veggies, fruits, dairy and meat needs refrigeration and ends up along the edges and in the back of the store. Avoiding the inner aisles helps keep tempting (and “kid-friendly”) food out of your cart.

My BEST weapon to protect me from buying food that I shouldn’t be eating has been my camera. If I see something that I like and think I want to buy (despite the cost or sugar content), I snap a picture of it instead. Then, if I REALLY want it later, I can go back and buy it without worrying that I’ll forget. EVERY time, so far, I have looked at the picture and wondered what I was thinking.

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  1. Varjak Says:

    Interesting post. The supermarket I shop at (Publix) provides sanitizing wipes for the carts. I’ve seen a few people taking advantage of them, but not nearly enough.

    Best ways to get in and out fairly quickly and without buying things you don’t want or need? Go alone – leave the hubby and kids at home. They slow you down and ask for too much junk.

    Eat before you go. I often stop for a small fat-free latte, so I have a taste of something sweet to bring in with me and I’m not tempted to buy other sweets while I’m there.

    MAKE A LIST and STICK to it. I’m religious about my lists. I organize it according to the layout of the store, so once I’m done in a particular section I don’t have to go back.

    Thankfully, my store doesn’t have a salad bar. I avoid salad bars and buffets like the plague. Too many people with questionable hygiene. Enough said.

    Bottom line is that supermarkets are out to make a buck, just like any other retailer. It just takes a little common sense and willpower not to fall for their tricks and stay healthy in the process.

    And don’t forget to bring your own bags!!!

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