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Dannon has been advertising a new yogurt called Activia that is supposed to help you with “digestive issues.” You can see the commercial here:

My first thought was of all the years I suffered with digestive troubles. It had nothing to do with age and everything to do with a bad infection. When I took the antibiotics to kill the infection, it killed all the good stuff in my body as well, so I had stomach trouble for over five years.

My experience was more like this skit from Saturday Night Live:

I haven’t had stomach troubles at all for over three months, which is when I stopped eating carbohydrates. Can a low-carb diet cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Well, it’s the COMPLETE opposite of the diet that the stupid gastroenterologist recommended. Of course, when I ate his diet, I suffered MORE. I haven’t taken fiber supplements or acidophilus for two months and I haven’t had one incident like the skit above.

I don’t think I’ll be needing any Activia any time soon.


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  1. kelly Says:

    That SNL was funny. 😉

    Low(er)-carb eating is definitely right for me. I did amazingly well on it in the 90’s. I felt better, I looked better, my “insides” were happy, I wasn’t ever hungry. Then marriage and kids happened and I kind of lost my way over the years.

    A couple months ago, I decided to get back on some sort of eating plan. I do need some structure. For one reason or another, I decided to go with WW Points. After a month of keeping within a good point range – I was retaining water like crazy, my tummy was constantly upset and my face broke out. I was so disheartened. WW points is a great plan, BUT when I did it, I totally ignored my history with carbs and gave myself permission to eat things I knew I shouldn’t because “the points are low”. Points that focus only on calories and fat grams aren’t for me!

    I decided it was time to face facts. I went semi-low-carb and boom – eight pounds down. Surely a lot of water weight, but water or fat, it ain’t fun to carry around. My tummy doesn’t rumble embarrassingly. My skin is happier. It is just the way I am supposed to eat. I focus on good carbs, eating protein, and limiting “bad” carbs.

    I’d like to thank you for the BBC Atkins article and the Good Calories Bad Calories article. I listened to both and they helped me solidify my belief that I already know the perfect way for ME to eat. It’s not always easy, but it is what I have to do. Like exercising, I’ve just gotta do it and trust that I’ll thank myself later.

    I have no illusions that carbs are inherently “bad” or that everyone is affected the same way. I just know what works for my body. I’d be thrilled if I COULD eat high carb (I love carbs – all carbs), but I can’t.

  2. SLB Says:

    Ah, another product full of HFCS!

  3. linda d Says:

    Activia is awful. It touts itself as a health benefit. Stick with the natural yogurts that don’t have artificial sweeteners like Sucralose like Activia does. I didn’t have my glasses with me when I bought Activia and didn’t see the small print on the side about the sucralose. One bite and I could taste the fake sweetener. I’ll go back to Stonyfield Farm, my all time fave!

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