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Deep Blue by Ak_Saechao from FlickrHere is a most excellent article from the Diet Blog about water and the idea that we need to drink eight glasses a day:

But where did the 8 glasses per day gospel originate?

Dr. Frederick Stare suggested this theory in a book “Nutrition for Good Health” published in 1974 (“theory” being the operative word). The theory caught on despite its arbitrary origins and it has been speculated that bottled water companies are largely responsible for perpetuating the 8-a-day mantra.

So, how much SHOULD you drink? We all love rules, don’t we? Click on over to Diet Blog’s entry and find out!

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2 Responses to “Diet Blog Talks about Water”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    But 1974 is ridiculous as a date of origin. It was well established before that as the number your doctor probably told you, because when I started college in 1971 I had that number floating around in my head when I decided I needed to improve my health.

  2. Fitness Guy Says:

    I am glad to see that the diet Blog has spun this story better than most people. It seems that people must feel guilty about not drinking enough water becasue people seem to really relish these stories that pop up occasionally that say that we don’t need to drink any water.

    I know that i try to drink a lot of water but it is not little sips through the day. More often then not it will be a liter (4 cups) or so in the morning and then later in the afternoon and then another one in the evening. I have a big water cup near our water cooler bother at home and on my desk at work.

    I love drinking nice cool water.

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