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Nike+ VS. miCoach

Unbeknownst to me, Adidas and Samsung got together and developed miCoach, which is a running system that works with a very specific Samsung phone and Adidas shoes. It’s very reminiscent of the Nike+ released by Nike and Apple a couple of years ago. How do they compare? Stuff Magazine has a blow by blow comparison here:

Here is their final verdict:

Nike and miCoach are both great running buddies, and deciding which one’s best for you comes down to a few questions. Do you hate the idea of having a personal trainer, use iTunes and would rather use a Nano than a new phone? Then Nike is for you. If, on the other hand, you want the most advanced training system, like lots of voice feedback and prefer using Windows Media Player, miCoach is a better bet.

I don’t know if Adidas realizes this, but the killer app for the Nike+ was the Challenges. Being able to run against REAL people was so inspiring to me that I REALLY over did it and ran too much. As long as Adidas focuses on the training aspects instead of the real-life competition aspects of this technology, I think they’ll be left behind.


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