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GymGirl Ultra running skirtI have talking about running skirts in the past.

Back then, my biggest problem with RunningSkirts.com was the fact that their skirts didn’t have anything to protect my inner thighs (just a panty underneath). Since then, they have added skirts with shorts underneath for protection.

I was told about a new company who is also making running skirts (shown to the right). They have inner thigh protection and a place for your iPod:

Russell Athletic Women's Gym Capri at Amazon.comNow, my only problem with BOTH companies is that the skirts are sixty bucks a piece.

When I can get gym capris from Russell for about fifteen bucks, why would I go to the expense of spending four times that for running skirts? I know they’re really cute and they might be something sexy to wear at the gym if I were trying to attract a mate, but how sexy can you really look when you’re working out?

It only takes about ten workouts until most of my exercise clothes are looking ratty anyway. That’s six bucks a workout, which is over my Five Buck Workout rule.

I love running skirts. I think they’re adorable, but there is no way I would spend $60 for one.

C9 by Champion Running Skort at Amazon.comUpdate 04-12-08: Here are a couple of skorts from other clothing companies on Amazon that range in price from $10-$20.


11 Responses to “Gym Girl Running Skirts”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I keep looking for a nice cycling skirt…I love wearing skirts, but I also like getting places by bicycle. There’s a few that look nice, but wow, spendy! And I’m still not convinced that they’ll look like just a nice sporty skirt when I’m at a conference, in the coffeeshop, etc.

    What seems to work for me now, instead, is pants that can be rolled up and buttoned into a capri. (Got a pair of last year’s version of these on crazy-sale at REI.)

    But yeah, I don’t know if I’d go for a sport skirt for running. It seems like a lot of money to no particular end.

  2. Cindi Says:

    I just found cute skirts by Champion at Target last night. About $20 each. No iPod pocket, but they have shorts underneath.

    Cindi http://www.walk-magazine.com

  3. Melissa Says:

    I second the vote for the skirts at Target. I have the runninggirl skirt and both this year’s and last year’s Target skirts. The Target running skirt is a better fit and a much better bargain hands down.

  4. Sara Says:

    I tried several if the cheaper priced skirts including Targets and found that the shorts don’t stay in place. I have the same problem with regular running shorts is they tend to ride up my thighs. And I don’t have big thighs but when I run a race and have to keep pulling my shorts down or get chafed it ruins the run. So I am trying out the Skirtsports Gym Girl Ultra, its pricey but its my reward for finally getting under 30 min. for a 5k!

  5. Kelly Says:

    I have ordered many skirts from Title Nine Sports – they have a great skirt with bike shorts built right in! I have done three sprint triathalons using this due to versatility. Great quality product. The cheaper the product, the quicker the wear. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more.

  6. Dianne Says:

    I have run in the Nike skirt, runningskirt (athletic skirt) and 2-pocket gym girl (triks). I did not like the Nike skirt because I had to get sweaty before the skirt stayed in place. I like the gym girl but the mesh stretches too much and looks like that outfit that Cher wore when performing on that battleship – but I do like the skirt when it’s dark in the morning! The athletic skirt from runningskirt is a good skirt, too. None of these skirt has a REAL compression short under them. Why can’t someone come up with a skirt that has a good compression short under it????

  7. Chrissy Says:

    I tried the Target running shorts in small but they wouldn’t lay falt around my waist. I guess they were too big. They fit my hips fine. Price was right.

  8. Maria Says:

    I have one of the commitment skirts from skirtgoddess.com (atalanta) which is less than $60, stays in place WONDEFULLY and after more than 50 washings/wearings still looks brand new… two thumbs up.

    I like this better than the target one b/c it has 2 huge pockets to carry all my stuff.

  9. Kari Says:

    Once I tried a C9 skirt, I immediately fell in love with it. I went back to Target and bought another. Then I tried an XL size C9 from the Girls dept. They fit even better. I look forward to going out for a run, more than ever. My milage has increased because of it. No joke.

    On a down side, C9 and Target need to do a better job of keeping them in stock. They seem to sell out quick, once they hit the rack.

  10. WS Says:

    I don’t it is a must to wear shorts under a skirt, if so , why not just wear shorts instead? It could be less troublesome!

  11. Neon Anonymous Says:

    I’m a big advocate of running in a skirt, but not of the price of running skirts too. My solution: tennis skirts. They’re basically exactly the same but a LOT cheaper. And there are heaps more of them, and because you can buy them in stores (not just order online) you can try them on for fit.

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