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The very wonderful Found in Mom’s Basement uncovered these advertisements for AYDS weight loss plan:

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The most heartbreaking thing is how pretty Shirley is in her before photo. She was beautiful before and losing weight didn’t change that.

I remember the commercials on television for AYDS. My mom even tried them. They were little chocolate candies that you were supposed to eat before you ate your meal. They were supposed to curb your appetite. I snuck some from my mom’s box and thought they tasted delicious. My mom never lost weight with them, however.

She is svelte and thin now and has been for almost twenty years. How did she do it? She eats less and exercises regularly. No fad diets and no chocolate-flavored appetite suppressant candies.

Companies have been trying to profit off our desire to be thin for over a century now. The diet pills and potions are just as useless now as they were back then. Don’t give them your money.


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  1. Harl Delos Says:

    Ayds didn’t contain any appetite-suppressant drugs. They had some vitamins in them, but otherwise were just candy.

    If you eat one or two Brach’s Pix-A-Mix chocolate caramels and drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before a meal, it will take the edge off your appetite. The latest research suggests that taking vitamins isn’t very useful for most people; you really need to eat nutritious foods instead.

    It only costs $3.49 at Walgreens for a pound of Pick-A-Mix, if anyone wants to try that route. However, coffee can be quite expensive….

  2. iportion Says:

    mmm candy

    I kind of think she looked better in the fat photo

  3. iportion Says:

    I just the swimsuit one which looks better than the far away photo It’s just a bad photo. I love how modest that swimsuit is. I mean it has sleeves and collar. I wish they’d still sell those.

  4. Denise Says:

    I used AYDS in 1972, while was a freshman in college. I took two before my evening meal with a cup of hot water. I started to exercise regulary and followed the sample diet included in the packing. I lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks. NOw at 54 I am still a size 4 and weight 106 lbs. They worked.

  5. Kristine Says:

    I used to sneak those all the time. I loved them. My Grandmother decided to stop buying them because she was afraid that I could get sick. I was about 7 at the time.

  6. carol Says:

    I lost 40 lbs as a teenager with ayds. It was so easy. I just took them a few times a day and only ate dinner and did not feel as if i was depriving myself at all They only had 25 calories in them. I really wish they would come back. I agree that the lady in the picture was much more attractive then her after picture.

  7. carol Says:

    By the way, I loved the taste of the chocolate. I took small bites and really savored it. Oh, how I miss them. I would have a cup of tea with it. A real treat.

  8. Ange Says:


  9. M.J. Says:

    I am 58 with multiple health issues. I desperately need to lose weight and I’ve used the Ayds Candies and they worked great. But, the was 30 yrs ago and now I need help again. If anyone come across a website that I can order them from, pleast let me know. Thank you.

  10. ladianna54 Says:

    I lost 60 pounds when I was 25 and now am 55yrs old in need of some assistance. The Ayds candies did work for me. If anyone knows where I can purchase some please let me know.

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