Nike+ Sportband Rumors

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Nike+ SportsBand

This German site, Mac Life Online, is reporting that Nike is finally releasing its Nike+ Sportsband, which is a version of Nike+ without the iPod.

There is nothing about this product on Nike’s website, so we are really just going on the word of this one site in Germany. Of course, a year and a half ago, information from Nike was leaked about this product:

It was called Speed+ back then and looked very different than the current picture:

Speed+: The precursor to the Nike+ Sportsband

Since then, the Amp+ has been released, proving the leak to be at least partially correct, so the Nike+ Sportband doesn’t seem like too much of a long shot.

Nike+ SportsBand USB connector Click to see full sizeHere is another photo of the Nike+ Sportsband that shows its USB connector.

I used to dream of a Nike+ product that didn’t depend on my iPod, but now I am so angry at Nike that I don’t care. They have insulted my intelligence, my body and me for the last time. If this is anything like the other Nike products, the Sportsband will be yet another cheap product that will have no support, break within months and be a waste of money. Wait until Apple comes out with their Lifestyle Companion and pass Nike on by.


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  1. Flo Says:

    I’m with you. I’ve disliked Nike for years but when the Nike+ came out I thought it was great. I bought one and used it all the time, it was great fun and a terrific motivator. Then it died and I found out Nike’s trick. It pissed me off. I bought a second one that never seemed to work quite right. I couldn’t calibrate it properly and the mileage was always a little bit off. Now, I never use it. I’ll wait for Apple too.

  2. mkimes Says:

    Looks like it’s now posted on the Nike+ website for pre-order on 10 Apr 08, not much beyond some pictures.

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