Get Into That Swimsuit This Summer: Week 5

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Shape fx Slimming square-neck tank suit at Amazon.comThis is the final week where I will give you step by step instructions on how to get into a swimsuit this summer. If you’re short on time, scroll down to the end and read “The Short Version” to get your weekly tips.

If you haven’t been following along with the program, there is still time to get into that swimsuit this summer. Go back to Week 1 and get started there:

If you HAVE been following along, your job last week was to wear your swimsuit alone at the pool. How did that work out? Did you take a couple of hours just for yourself to relax at the pool and test out your suit while it’s wet? If so, give yourself kudos and move on to this week’s final adventure.

Go Swimming With Friends or Family

This is the week that you test out your suit with trusted friends or family members. Don’t bring along the person who will make fun of you. Only bring supportive people who will have a good time with you.

Don’t tell them that you are there to evaluate your new swimming suit. Just tell them that you want to get ready for the summer season and go swimming with them all before the pool/beach gets crowded.

Have FUN!

This isn’t all about getting used to your suit. The whole reason why you want to have a swimming suit that you love is because you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Whether it’s water-skiing, snorkeling, boogie boarding or just splashing around in the community pool, you want to be where the fun is, so make sure you have a swimming suit that works for you.

Evaluate The Suit

How did it work out? Did anyone mention something that you might have missed? Did people compliment you? How did it feel when you were swimming, lying on your towel or laughing with friends? Did it work? Yes? Great! Then you’re set for the summer.

If it didn’t work out, however, there is still time for you to get back into the store and start all over with Week 1 again. You deserve to have a swimming suit that looks good, feels good and covers you well this summer. Don’t let yourself miss out on all the fun just because of a yard of fabric. Get out there and enjoy the summer!

The Short Version:

  • Give yourself kudos for getting this far.

  • Go swimming with friends or family.

  • Bring only supportive friends and family. Leave the person who makes fun of you at home.

  • Evaluate your suit. If it’s not perfect, go back to week 1 and try again. There is enough time to break in another suit if you have to before summer.


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