PostSecret: The Three Forks Enigma

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Click to see full sizeThis postcard showed up on PostSecret this weekend. I originally thought that the numbers assigned to the forks represented dates, but then 0-6 isn’t a date. What do the numbers represent?

Because they are forks, I immediately thought that they represented disordered eating. What do you all think? What is the solution to the Three Forks Enigma?

PostSecret‘s beneficiary is the National Hopeline Network. It is a 24-hour hotline (1 (800) SUICIDE) for anyone who is thinking about suicide or knows someone who is considering it.


11 Responses to “PostSecret: The Three Forks Enigma”

  1. Ernie Says:

    I’m wondering whether they’re age ranges. And the forks represent something of the order of things within the person who sent the secret.

    Perhaps they feel like their life was more ordered between the ages of “0-6”, less ordered when they were “7-15” and a total mess “today”. That could make the person we’re talking about 16 years old – just the right age to feel like a total mess AND be smart enough to communicate it like this.

    Just my thought.

  2. Harl Delos Says:

    Because of the suicide hotline relationship, it makes me think of a highly stressful situation.

    It’s as if it was saying, “For the first week, I was able to hold it together almost perfectly, then I went into hand-wringing mode, and today, after half a month, I’m completely verklempt.”

  3. Megan Says:

    I took this one as ages. Birth to six years, seven to fifteen years old, and today has a sixteen year old. Maybe this person’s life became more and more messed up? I had never considered an eating disorder, but it’s possible. You hear about young children that suffer from eating disorders more and more often.

  4. Boots Says:

    I think it’s someone who quit smoking.

  5. Boots Says:

    …or drugs

  6. food Says:

    i think they are clothes sizes. 0-6 is ok. (normal) 7-15 is not where they want to be. and today is what they are and hate it. and the forks represent food.

    but that age theory is a great one, too. to me it could be either, or.

  7. Adria Sha Says:

    My first thought was along the lines of, the more kids I have, the crazier life gets. But I seriously doubt the sender has 15 kids, so I’m going with food issues.

  8. Gentry Says:

    I think it’s about sobriety. 0-6 days may be easy… maybe because of medical detox, use of valum, etc. Then the second week is harder, and after the third week… I’m not sure… But I see sobriety and the hard road to maintaining it.

  9. xselfyx Says:


    0 – 6 = age that the eating was normal. as is the fork. 7 = 15 = getting bent out of shape. worrying about weight, size, food. today = food and weight have been totally twisted out of proportion. i think its defo about food. hence the forks.

  10. Claire Says:

    It may just be my personal experience speaking, but straight away I saw hands. I thought it was about arthritis deteriorating her hands as she grew older.

  11. R Says:

    My secret is that I know who posted this.

    Another secret is that I’m dating them.

    Yet another is that I’m pretty sure I know what it means.

    My last secret for today is that I love them far too much to share the meaning of the fork with anyone.

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