What About Mom? Tells Us About Running 10Ks

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What About Mom? shares with us her ten things she hates about running 10Ks and finishes with the ten things she loves about running the race.

My two favorites from each list is here:

10 things I hate about running 10Ks

People who run a few miles before the race to warm up show off.

Overly cheerful people who patronize old people wearing Pike’s Peak Marathon (”America’s Ultimate Challenge”) t-shirts.

10 things I love about running 10Ks

Exercise that doesn’t involve cute, coordinated arm movements.

It’s a lot shorter than a marathon. A lot.

For more motivation, go to her website and check out the rest of the list:


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  1. What About Mom? Says:


    thanks for the syndication! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I ran the last race in that series this Saturday, and just posted on 5 things I am sure of about running.

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