Slim Coffee Pay $923,910 in FTC Fines

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All of the clues were there. They said you could lose weight without having to change your diet and exercise. Sure, they said that their coffee had been tested in clinical trials, but they were still promising something for nothing. But when you watch the commercial, you can understand how appealing it might have sounded:

In January, the FTC cracked down on the sellers of Slim Coffee and the company agreed to pay $923,910 in fines.

Under the proposed settlement, Diet Coffee, Inc. and its principals, David Stocknoff and David Attarian, based in New York City, are prohibited from claiming that any product enables users to lose substantial weight without reducing caloric intake or increasing physical activity. The order also prohibits them from representing that any product or service causes weight loss, causes users to lose any specified amount of weight, reduces or eliminates fat, reduces or curbs appetite, or increases metabolism, or making any other health-related benefit or efficacy representation unless it is true, not misleading, and substantiated by reliable scientific evidence. In addition, the defendants are prohibited from misrepresenting the existence, contents, validity, results, conclusions, or interpretations of any test or study concerning such products.

Next time you see a commercial for a product that promises that they will help you lose weight, remember Slim Coffee and keep your money in your pocket.

Via: Diet Blog: Slim Coffee: Another Weight Loss Scam


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