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I watch Diggnation every week. I love how Alex and Kevin chat on their couch talking about cool stuff. Imagine my surprise when they go into detail about their New Year’s Resolution to go alcohol-free and the surprising results.

The best of all, Alex has been losing weight with Jenny Craig and shared that fact with the audience:

Alex: I was losing weight because I was trying to lose weight. And I will say, I’ve lost twenty pounds.

Kevin: That is freakin’ crazy!

Alex: Is everybody ready for this? The WAY that I’ve lost twenty pounds in three months? Jenny Craig.

Kevin: Oh Gawd! I can’t believe you told people! This is a big thing to do!

Alex: Honestly, I was like so didn’t wanna do this, but both Heather and Susie lost a ton of weight on it. My mom was doing it, so I started doing that Chef at Home thing. Honestly, HONESTLY, I was like I don’t wanna try this. This is for ladies… whatever.

Kevin: Well… JENNY Craig…

Alex: I looked it up online and it was like, yeah, this itty bitty thing, “Yes, we help men, too.” And I was like is this really gonna work? DUDE! Three months and I’m eating better than I ever have before.

Kevin: Did you tell your bro’s that?

Alex: Yeah! And every single one of them starts off snicker snicker and then goes maybe I should join Jenny Craig. Fuckin’ Twenty POUNDS, dude, in THREE months!

Not only did Kevin Rose lose seven pounds just by cutting out beer from his diet, Alex has lost twenty pounds since October by following Jenny Craig. Watching two geek guys sitting on the couch talking about these things just brought it all home to me. EVERYONE needs to take care of their bodies by eating healthy and exercising, not just the “ladies” not just body builders. EVERYONE.


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  1. Diana Says:

    What a fantastic advert for healthy living and exercise. The two guys are clearly geeks (in the UK we’ve not heard of them before) – I’ll be passing this onto friends! Thanks again for a great blog entry…


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