Eat Like Snake

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I am continually surprised at the type of advertising that gets past the board room and to the filming stage. I never saw this commercial “in the wild,” but I can’t believe they actually FILMED it.

Why? Why? Why? I don’t understand the Burger King Triple Whopper, but I REALLY don’t understand advertising it with a creepy snake-like man who can swallow it in one unhinged-jaw dropping bite. That did NOT make me want to eat a hamburger. It made me want to get as far away from Burger King as I could.


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  1. Megan Says:

    I can’t imagine eating a single whopper, let alone a double or triple whopper. I regular single cheeseburger is plenty.

    I did see something amusing on McDonald’s menu: a double quarter pounder. Don’t they realize that that is actually a half pound cheeseburger?

  2. Mark Says:

    This is an old commercial by the Korean Burger King licensee for the Korean market. It’s a Bruce Lee parody, complete with authentically amateurish overdubbing.

    There are different kung fu styles based on different animals. For instance, a praying mantis style. By coming up with this “snake style” are making an analogy to snakes who swallow large prey whole by separating their jaws. So the point they want to make is that the burger is large, a good deal, and can fill you up. They aren’t recommending that you eat it this way, and the audience understands that.

    The obesity crisis doesn’t exist in Korea, so they can have fun with stuff like this. There’s not the hypersensitivity to how this menu item can lead to obesity, because at this point it doesn’t, in Korea. People only eat things like this occasionally.

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