Motivational Weight Loss From YouTube

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Faintstarlite went to Weight Watchers to lose weight and after a little over a year, she finally hit goal. Here is her YouTube video:

When I first started watching this video, I thought that she was just another beautiful girl who needed to lose 15 pounds to be “perfect,” but she lost a total of 58 pounds. Her before and after pictures are stunning!

For the guys out there, here’s a wonderful motivational video for you:

He lost 236 pounds in two years. He lost an average of two pounds a week. His advice?

“You can do it. I’ve averaged just a little over two pounds a week. The only thing I’ve done is not quit. That’s the key: don’t quit. And you’re gonna want to… you’re gonna want to. I had a six month plateau where I didn’t lose a pound. This is not six month of me playin’ Nintendo or whatever. This is six months of me running 5Ks, me exercising, me bustin’ my butt, watchin’ what I eat every single day and I didn’t lose a pound. That was a test and I’m proud to come out on the other side of that.”

If you are feeling like skipping your eating plan for the weekend, watch these videos instead. It is possible to eat healthy and get to a healthy goal weight.


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  1. Misty Says:

    How inspirational! Thanks for posting these.

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