Wii Fit: Is It Any Fun?

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This is the original trailer from Nintendo for the Wii Fit. I watched this and the game looked like fun.

It looked like fun until I watched this parody of it…

I don’t know if the Wii will be any good for exergaming, but I’m willing to try it out. Sometimes something simple is better than the most complicated games.


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  1. TrishNYC Says:

    That parody made me laugh out loud. So true it’s sad….

  2. Griffin Says:

    I thought it was pretty funny too 😀 I think that the “leaning side-to-side” thing is pretty lame, but it could be good for people with bad balance. As a fitness device, it looks pretty cool and is less bulky than normal steppers or other equipment. The kinetic game for ps2/eyetoy got the same sort of flack before it came out, but it’s very fun — and saves people from being nervous about their weight during a class.

    Honestly, I fart every time I do yoga haha! I can’t imagine how that would be during a class — I would die of embarrasment. 🙂

  3. Unh4nd13d Says:

    You can’t take that parody seriously. I do, because I’m a pretty avid gamer and that parody was created by my good friends at SarcasticGamer.com. But for the casual gamer or even somebody who simply enjoys the novelty of the wii, wii fit will be a pretty entertaining purchase.

    Nintendo is all about the casual gamer now, so don’t get discouraged when the hardcore gamers take shots at it. I’m all about expanding the gaming demographic. So while wii fit isn’t my cup of tea, I’m glad to see people enjoying it.

    • Unh4nd13d
  4. iportion Says:

    I want to get wii fit maybe for mother’s day 🙂

  5. B. Says:

    I found the first one almost excruciating to watch. That looks sooooo boring to me. I guess I just don’t get the appeal. I’m with the sarcastic gamer make over. The only thing that looked even slightly fun is the one where you stand on it and roll the ball into the hole.

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