Nike Takes “Just Do It” To The Next Level

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Watch this commercial:

Next time you think of one of those excuses, remember that there are NO EXCUSES! If that guy can get up off the couch, then all of us can.

Via: AdFreak: If this guy can get off his ass, so can you


2 Responses to “Nike Takes “Just Do It” To The Next Level”

  1. Laura Says:

    I need to play this on loop in my head.

  2. Russ Says:

    Nike did a similar ad many years ago with an athlete with no legs, The sporting goods company Nike has used disabled athletes in a number of its advertisements. Nike’s TV ads have a mixture of the incidental use of disabled models and one featured disabled athlete, Craig Blanchette, who held two world records in wheelchair racing in 1989. The Blanchette spot is called “Cross Training with Craig Blanchette,” and no scene or mention of his disability is made in the first 27 seconds of the 30-second commercial. He is referred to as a 1988 Olympic bronze medalist. The ad shows Blanchette lifting weights, then playing basketball and tennis. The scenes are athletic, and Blanchette appears muscular and rugged. Only in the last few seconds is it revealed that Blanchette is a wheelchair athlete when the camera pans down and he says: “So I never quit,” turns his back to the camera and races down the track in his sports wheelchair. Nike officials said it was not relevant to them that Blanchette is a wheelchair-using double-leg amputee. Nike’s vice president of marketing explained, “He’s a great athlete, which ties to our usual strategy…and he’s a really motivating guy to be around. The fact that he was handicapped was secondary” It was quite an awesome ad, and REALLY made one feel sheepish!!

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