Surviving Christmas Shopping

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Last year I wrote an entry asking how you eat healthy when you’re Christmas Shopping at the mall:

I didn’t give any helpful tips, but some other people did that are worth clicking over to read.

Ginger Pork at Edo JapanWhat I do when I am shopping at the mall is resort to Edo Japan or Subway. I love the Ginger Pork at Edo Japan and I will eat half and since I’m shopping, throw away the other half. It’s always best if I can share it with someone, but if I can’t I toss it.

If I eat the whole thing, it’s a whopping 521 calories, but if I eat half (or share it), then it’s the perfect meal. I have a choice: I can waste it or waist it. I prefer the former.

What do you eat at the mall when you are trapped shopping for Christmas presents?


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  1. iportion Says:

    You can eat light at Taco bell by eating a taco fresco style And if they also have some burger places you can have a side salad with light dressing to go along with it and light lemonade or a diet soda

  2. judy wyatt Says:

    I bag-lunch it. That way I know what I’m eating. If I feel that I just have to treat myself to something then I’ll have a cuppa tea or hot chocolate (no cream) at a coffee shop.

    If I expect to be eating out, I’ve been know to bring a plastic container to put the other half of the lunch into. That way I’ve got lunch for the next day. It’s really hard for me to stop eating halfway (I can just hear my parents telling me to clean my plate because of the starving children in China — as if those children would have any more or less food as a result of what I did or didn’t eat!), so if the food is already in the container and put into my backpack before I start eating, then I can be happy eating half.

  3. Jeanne Mello Says:

    Hi~ I had seen a recipe for broccoli and rice done in a rice cooker on this site, I think. Probably last summer.. I have looked for it, but alas I can’t find it when I want to try and make it. Sorry to drop this request in the survival chat, but if you eat well before you go shopping you may be less likely to eat the stuff at the food courts.

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