Bringing New Life To Running Shoes

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Saturday 12-08-07 from Flickr

I bought my Nike+ shoes in August. They were looking pretty hashed, so I thought it was time to replace them. Thanks to the RUNNER+ Shoe Manager, however, I was able to see that I had only run 192 miles in these shoes. That’s the risk with bright white shoes. They look horrible before they are ready to be replaced.

So, I took a toothbrush and liquid soap and cleaned them up. I replaced the gray shoe laces with these bright red ones and they look almost new again. They’re ready for their next 200 miles and THEN I will replace them.

Running shoes are usually good for 400 miles or 240 days. If I hadn’t used Runner+’s shoe manager when I bought these shoes, I would have been shelling out another 80 bucks on shoes before they were really ready to be retired. I’m so grateful that I took the time to put them into the shoe manager and I’m even more grateful that Runner+ tracks how many miles I’ve run on a single pair. I can hardly believe I’ve run 192 miles since August!

I washed my shoes and bought new shoe laces. What do you do to make your running shoes last longer?


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  1. Who is SLB? Says:

    I have taken to rotating my shoes, I currently have two pairs of Asics Gel Kayanos and alternate them, this seems to allow the soles to “reinflate” during their time off.

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