Pizza Hut’s Double Roll

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Japan must think Americans are insane. The Pizza Huts there are serving this monstrocity:

Pizza Hut’s Double Roll

There is just too much in the crust and on the top to really list it all. FitSugar, however, have tried to breakdown the calorie count:

They came up with over six hundred calories a slice. I’m not surprised, but I AM surprised that all my thoughts of food went from one part of Japan (sushi) to another (weird “American” food) so quickly.

Pizza Hut’s Double Roll

Via: holy sweet mother of jesus – this is the best pizza ever on Flickr – Photo Sharing!


3 Responses to “Pizza Hut’s Double Roll”

  1. Megan Says:

    Ewww! I love an occassional slice of pizza every now and then, but this is just gross! Any idea what the toppings are? It looks like hamburger patties!

  2. iportion Says:

    This would be a hit in some people the US reminds me of the KFC chicken bowl meats pizza.

  3. Bill Nad Says:

    Of course it seems also like Pizza Hut has some strange way of making any food a grease trap. I have no idea how anyone can make a piece of pizza as drippy with fat as they do.

    I love pizza but it seems that every pizza restaurant turns a pizza that could be mostly healthy into something worse than a burger

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