Is Sushi Healthier Than Burgers?

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Self Portrait Monday 11-26-07 from FlickrThere have been many times when I’ve sat in a Weight Watchers meeting and the leader has told the groaning class that sushi is a healthy alternative to other restaurant food, but is it really?

Lately, a lot of the sushi restaurants have been deep-frying their sushi rolls and adding sauces and toppings that are much higher in calories than the traditional rice, raw fish and crisp vegetables.

Take the Viva Las Vegas Roll, for example:

Viva Las Vegas Roll from Flickr

We went out for sushi while we were in Las Vegas. I usually order a simple California Roll, but I was in LAS VEGAS! I HAD to order the Las Vegas roll in Las Vegas! It was a deep fried roll with a spicy crab mixture on the top. It all tasted way too good to be healthy. I counted it as 8 WW Points in my journal, but I was just guessing.

How many points do you think it was?


8 Responses to “Is Sushi Healthier Than Burgers?”

  1. Chief Says:

    Completely with you on the rolls…not healthy especially when they are fried. I think it is the American version of sushi! Next thing you know they will add some cheese!

    I usually stick with simple tuna sushi – just the rice and the fresh raw tuna…ummm…I know for sure that is better than a burger!

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    Actually, the other roll we had DID have cheese. Cream cheese, mango, salmon and avocado. Crazy Monkey Roll.

  3. Kim Says:

    Laura, you got me curious, so I did a quick search with my WW eTools. The best approximation I found for what you had was this: Sushi, vegetable tempura roll, 6 pieces, 4 points. The Crazy Monkey Roll (LOVE that name!) sounds a lot like a Philadelphia roll which is 3 points for 2 large pieces.

    I adore sushi. I usually make it at home and find it easier than ordering out, but love having a nice healthy, all Core dinner. Yum!

    It’s sad how unhealthy we can make almost anything. Think about the travesties that some restaurants do to lettuce in the quest to make a “salad” that appeals to the masses. What do you have to do to lettuce to make it 23 points?!?! 🙂

    Looks like a delicious use of your points though. Now you’ve got me craving sushi!

  4. kathryn Says:

    Even with the non deep fried stuff, sushi can mean a lot of rice vs little protein and little vegetables. If you pick carefully it can be a good option. But, as always it’s hard to make food comply with one rule – ie it’s wrong to say “sushi is good”. When it would be better to say, choose carefully and sushi can be a low fat, healthy meal.

  5. iportion Says:

    It looked good but looks very pointy.

  6. lovelines Says:

    Well, Americanized sushi like in the picture above is generally not very healthy. Authentic, traditional Japanese sushi is fairly healthy, although, as kathryn pointed out, it’s often just a little bit of fish and a lot of empty carbs. Sashimi is generally accepted as “healthy,” though, since it’s just raw fish. So, sushi can be incredibly healthy, if done right.

  7. fryguy Says:

    hahaha deep fried vegas roll authentic and healthy.

    can we slap some melted cheese and ranch dressing on it also?

  8. Matt Gagnon Says:

    sushi normally is healthier, but I haven’t seen sushi like that before.

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