Exercising with Bands

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Self Portrait Sunday 11-25-07 from FlickrI’ve kind of let my weight training fall behind lately. I’ve been focusing so much on running that it feels like anything that I don’t do with the Nike+ doesn’t “count” as exercise. My upper body strength has atrophied right back to where it was before I started weight training and the idea of having to start over has helped me procrastinate.

This video from diet.com made me excited about weight training again. These stretchy exercise bands are REALLY portable and so easy to keep in the house because they take up hardly any space and they aren’t heavy in your suitcase.

A whole weight training workout with just one piece of equipment!


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  1. paulette Says:

    . I had this belt years ago, the bands were thicker, almost thick rubber- how do i get this band belt. i’ve searched. especially under ike berger and cannot find?.

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