Avoid Shopping Today And Avoid Weight Gain

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Self Portrait Wednesday 11-21-07 from FlickrIt’s Black Friday. The United States’ busiest shopping day of the year, or so they say. They have great deals out there if you look at the ads, but what about you? What about eating healthy and staying fit? How do they fit into your post-Thanksgiving shopping plans?

Me? I worked at K-Mart for SEVEN years while in high school and putting myself through college. I worked every Black Friday during my formative years. One year, we put blankets on sale for five dollars apiece (they were normally fifteen or so). There was a huge pile of them right at the doors when we opened them to the crowd. I was working the customer service desk and got a front row seat to the FIGHT that broke out. Women were pushing each other. Screaming and grabbing these pathetic blankets out of each others’ hands.

I vowed never to shop on Black Friday.

The cool thing is that staying home or doing fun things on Black Friday has protected me from weight gain as well. I’m not tempted by the Hickory Farms samples at the mall. I’m not run ragged until I’m desperate for food and willing to eat wherever has the shortest line. I’m not enticed by the cinnamon aroma of roasting almonds. I am protected from all the stressed out decisions I would have made just to get a good deal on a blanket (or TV or whatever…).

Funny thing, the stores are packed, but there are lots of places that are ghost towns this time of the year:

  • Go to an early movie: The Thanksgiving movie tradition is pretty strong with some people, but not nearly as strong as the lure of “good deals.” You’ll be able to get into the theater easily.

  • Go to the gym: There will be a bunch of people there burning off yesterday’s meal. They’re the kind of people that you want to be friends with. Burn it at the treadmill and find a workout buddy while you’re at it.

  • Go to the grocery store: The grocery store will be gutted from yesterday’s last minute shoppers, but all the healthy food will still be available. Now’s the time to stock up on healthy alternatives so you don’t resort to mashed potatoes when you’re hungry.

  • Do something active: Depending on your climate, you have a wide variety of choices for activities: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snow-shoeing and just walking around your neighborhood.

  • Play games with your family: You have an extra day off. Spend it having fun with your family! Whether it’s a traditional board game or the latest video games, find time to enjoy with the people who are closest to you.

Christmas is about telling the people around you that you love them. You don’t have to fight the person in front of you in line to prove that you love your dearest. TIME is the most valuable asset right now, so give yourself and your loved ones some of that time this weekend.


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  1. iportion Says:

    . There are only a couple stores in town so I have to do my gift shopping online. I miss the walking but I would rather go mid morning than when the rabid sales are gone so it’s less crowded

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