Starling Fitness Named on the Top 100 Health and Wellness Blogs

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It was nice to know that someone is noticing us here at Starling Fitness. We were named #16 on the Top 100 Health and Wellness Blogs by the Nursing Online Educational Database:

Diet Blogs

Although some blogs listed below talk about fitness, the main focus is on diets. We don’t promote any diets, so don’t consider our choices as recommendations of the diets that any of these individuals espouse.

  1. Fitness, Diet, and Health: You’ll find entries in this blog about fitness, diet, exercise programs and gadgets, and health. This blog is written by a Weight Watchers user who provides life experience information with passion.

They might not have gotten our name right, but they linked to us, so I’m pleased as punch!

Thanks, NOEDb!


7 Responses to “Starling Fitness Named on the Top 100 Health and Wellness Blogs”

  1. Hugo Saner Says:

    Congratulations! You should be awarded more often than this, the amount of hard work you put in. Having a look at some of the other websites yours dances all over them. Keep up the good work!

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    Thanks, Hugo. I was pretty excited to get noticed.

  3. B. Says:

    Yay! Congratulations, that’s awesome. You keep me coming back for more!

  4. Bill Nad Says:

    You definitely deserve all the accolades Laura. Every day you have another insightful and interesting article.

  5. lovelines Says:

    Good job! You deserve it!

  6. iportion Says:

    What great news


  7. Adria Says:


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