You’ll Love The New, Non-Obese You

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The words Anatrim and spam are linked in my mind. Every day for the last few weeks, I have received a spam message in my email for a product called Anatrim. Here are some of the subject lines they have used:

  • Healthy living with less fat
  • Getting thinner can be enjoyable
  • Say goodbye to extra pounds
  • Doctors and Celebrities endorse Anatrim

And my favorite…

  • You’ll love the new, non-obese you

Just based on the wording of the spam alone, I suspected that these messages were from a non-English speaker. I have never used the word non-obese, have you?

I decided to look them up and they are just peddling Hoodia under a different name:

Anatrim is the name of a product that is marketed as hunger reducer or fat burner. According to websites and spam emails that promote the product, it contains hoodia, and helps people to lose weight by reducing the feeling of hunger. According to other sources, Anatrim tablets contain various ingredients, like green tea and spirulina.

It is unknown which company produces the Anatrim tablets; it is not registered as a trademark nor patented in Europe or the United States of America. According to the actual owner of the patent of hoodia for weight reduction, Phytopharm, Anatrim does not contain enough hoodia to be effective for the purpose of weight reduction.

As far as their origin, it looks like my instincts were right on:

The websites linked to from the emails give no information about the company who manufacture anatrim pills. There is no contact information given on these websites and the emails give a return address different from the website visitors are directed to. This is standard procedure for a product exclusively promoted by spam. Many of the domain names on which these websites are found are registered in China or Russia, but these change frequently.

Hoodia has not been shown to aid in weight loss. It is untested and companies that claim that Hoodia helps you lose weight are on thin ice.

If you get one of these emails, just file it in the spam folder with the rest of the people trying to take your money.


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