The Walkstation from Steelcase

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Steelcase Think Chair Steelcase is an up-scale furniture design company that has taken the treadputer to heart.

I can find NOTHING about the Walkstation on Steelcase’s website. They are best known for the Think Chair, which is “the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our deep understanding of people who sit, and how they sit throughout the day.” If they profess to know people who sit so much, I wonder if they know anything about people who walk and run all day.Steelcase Walkstation

It looks like the Walkstation is merely an elevated work table over a sub-grade treadmill. You probably would do better to go to Home Depot, get the supplies and build one yourself. You get to choose your treadmill that way. Rumor has it that a Walkstation is going to cost $6500. Do you think it’s worth that to have a computer at your treadmill?


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  1. iportion Says:

    I would love to have a fitness work station but It honestly looks like it shouldn’t be over 2,500. It just doesn’t look that sturdy.

  2. iportion Says:

    I think if I was to have one I’d rather do the home depot thing.

  3. john Says:

    For awhile I had a board set across the handles of my treadmill, clamped down with simple plastic clamps. I would put my portable DVD player on there. Then I tried with my laptop, but it was just too darned cumbersome to do anything.

  4. matt Says:

    I work for a Steelcase dealer and this product is going to be pretty awesome. It won’t end up costing 6500 either. That will be the list price….meaning that most people will save 30-45 % off of that to buy it. And it won’t be rickety either , the table itself would run around 12-1500 dollars and comes with full warranty’s backed by steelcase. Now, I am not saying that a walking desk is going to be the newest office trend, or that I would use one, but it should be pretty awesome.

  5. Sue Says:

    It doesn’t have to cost $6500, look at the TrekDesk if you are interested in treadmill desks. They have the most unique design I have found and best of all it will work with my existing treadmill.

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